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Whether you are going to get behind the wheel of a small hatchback or trustworthy SUV, India has all the inspiration for a memorable road journey.

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Indians, with their big hearts and large family and friends, love SUVs. It is evident from the growing number of SUVs that are available in this segment in the country. But travel is not about reaching one place from another in record time.

If you have time, the most scenic stretch of road towards Bangalore translates into an ideal weekend getaway. So hatch a plan, leave your work related worries behind and let this classic road trip down South India unfold, as you like.

Sure, you could hit the highway and reach Bangalore in under 8 hours, but where’s the joy in that? While the fast-track driving on highways will do the job in less time, taking in the scenery is a slow but joyful alternative that rewards road trippers with picture-perfect villages and enjoyment of rustic yet delicious food available at the many eateries and dhabas on the way.

The road route from Hyderabad to Bangalore is good by many standards. The national highway stretch which is about 550+ kms is well maintained. Ideally, the route is as follows from Hyderabad. The first stop is Mahnoobnagar, followed by historic Kurnool city, then Gooty, Anantapur, Penugonda, Bagepalli, Chickballapur, Devanahalli, and finally Bangalore.

And if you have more time to spend, then some memorable stops, through short detours along the way from Hyderabad to Bengaluru, include Park Plaza Lounge, Lepakshi Nandi, and Belum Caves.

Some interesting fact: Bangalore is at a higher elevation (supposedly higher than Dehradun) and Hyderabad is much lower. So when you travel from Bangalore towards Hyderabad, it is going to be sort of downhill for you. The reason why it's much faster to reach Hyderabad while coming from Bangalore. However, when you are going to Bangalore from Hyderabad you are sort of climbing up, therefore the journey takes more time.

And if you like speed and like to hit the accelerator, be mindful of the speed guns near Kurnool, Anantapur and other places that can hit your pocket! Also, unaware of what awaits, you won't get stopped/ flagged but will get a text message with a challan in few minutes after overspeeding.

If you have made up your mind on a road trip to Bangalore from Hyderabad, you can google locations to stop along the way. Also be sure to check road conditions and definitely double check the weather. Especially the popular stops, must visit eateries or restaurants, and attractions based on the most talked about places recommended by other travellers.

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Things to do in Bangalore:

Thank yourself for choosing to self drive or rent a car from a quality company like Long Drive Cars that provides neat and good condition vehicles, so now you can explore the garden city of India as you like. Of course you can't do it all, so based on the number of days you plan to stay in Bengaluru you can choose from the following:

If you are a shopaholic then all roads lead to one of the most iconic commercial locale in Bangalore - MG Road.

Know why Bangalore is popularly known as the Garden City of India. Cubbon Park, one of the beautiful lush green gardens here reveals the reason. Spread across 300 acres, feast your eyes on more than 6,000 trees with various attractions inside like the Band Stand, Bamboo Pond, Bal Bhavan’s Children Park, Queen’s Park etc.

A nature lover, if you are one, can go straight to the picturesque Nandi Hills for an outdoor camping trip. It is about 60 km from the city, so you wood vroom there in an hour!

More camping? Go straight to Kanakapura, one of the most refreshing places, where you can trek, cycle, do rappelling, kayaking, canoeing and other fun activities.

Visit Botanical Garden, 17th century garden, which is an initiative of the erstwhile ruler Tipu Sultan. Amazing attractions include a 3,000 million year old rock, and over 1,000 exotic plants belonging to Afghanistan and Persia.

Watch nature in its absolutely raw wilderness at Bannerghatta National Park, which houses animals in its zoo, rescue centre, and in safari zones. Ideal for a family trip, and a must if you have children.

Check out the grandeur of Bangalore Palace, which is spread over a sprawling 45,000 acres! See the 35 rooms inside and their carved walls, fountains, stained glass windows, massive chandeliers, and vintage paintings by renowned artists.

If you are interested in history than visit another historical place: Tipu Sultan Palace. Admire its magnificent architecture: grand arches, carved walls & frescos, and massive balconies. Stroll amid fine fountains and flowering gardens as well as see the museum inside that showcases the life of the ruler.

Want more grandeur than visit the Taj Mahal of South India: Vidhana Soudha. The largest legislative building in India, which is famous for its pristine architecture, verdant gardens, fountains, and flowers.

n the evening the best things to do is eat at VV Puram Food Street in Bangalore. The place comes into action after 7 pm. Try vegetarian foods like vada pav, baati choorma, choley bhaturey, akki roti, idli, fried rice and sweetmeats such as hot jalebis, gulab jamuns, etc.

Witnessing the HAL Aerospace Museum is one of the must do activities in Bangalore. An amazing aero-engineering museum in the country, it houses exquisite exhibits like a pilotless target aircraft (Lakshya), ejection seats with parachutes, ATC surveillance radars, and more.

If you have more time and money then you can do more shopping at Commercial Street and the many malls that dot the city as well as have fun at other resorts/theme parks.

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Want more ideas for your next trip? Try Nagpur. Famous as the ‘Orange City’ of India, Nagpur or Nagpore is the winter capital of the Maharashtra state. It gets its name from River Nag flowing through the city. So Nagpur makes for a wondrous weekend getaway from Hyderabad.

The highway (NH44, to be precise) from Hyderabad to Nagpur is almost four lane, which makes your journey easy, breezy in every sense of the words. In the first stretch to Adilabad, you would find that it is among the most serene roads to ever go through.

Adilabad being the northern most and last district of Telangana, it is known as the gateway to south and central India. The stretch is totally covered by forest, and you would take delight in finding Kawal Tiger Reserve on your way. So it's adviced to drive slowly (if you are self driving) or ask your driver to slow down for two reasons: to enjoy the view and be mindful of the animals safety.

And after you cross Adilabad then your next big stop is also your destination: Nagpur. The regular travellers opine that the first half of the journey while you are in Telangana is as smooth as the one between Bangalore and Hyderabad. But the roads leading to Nagpur from Adilabad in the Maharashtra side aren't in the best of shape. So you might be hard pressed with broken sections for some time, and finally, Nagpur would appear on the horizon!

Once you are there, smile, because you can expect to do a lot of things in Nagpur.

If you have reached Nagpur just before sunset, then the must do activity is to visit Futala Lake. The lake, which is considered as Nagpur’s crown jewel, makes for a picturesque place to view the sunset. Later you can go to street-side food stalls here that dish out amazing chaat.

Next day morning stand at the Zero milestone, the once center of India in the time when British ruled the country. Take a quick memorable selfie in front of a sandstone pillar with a statue of four horses and move on.

Visit Sitabuldi Main Road, the oldest shopping area in Nagpur, for fashionable clothes and ethnic sarees.

Talking of Sitabuldi, the namesake fort here is of significant historical importance: the Battle of Sitabuldi, 1817. In a cell here, Mahatma Gandhi was imprisoned as well.

Sign up for orange orchard tours that are conducted at many farms here. You can go through the entire process of growing oranges and get a complimentary sample of Nagpur oranges that are famous for being juicy and delicious.

For the musically inclined, the Lata Mangeshkar Musical Garden is replete with musical fountains, soothing tunes and music, all played out by the musicians.

Love waterfall, then you all will easily fall for Amba Khori which offers more than just a waterfall to enchant. The terrific Totladoh Lake Dam here is said to resemble the teary eyes of Kalidasa's renowned heroine, Shakuntala. Check out if it's true.

If there are kids with you or a knowledge gatherer in your group, then make sure to be at The Raman Science Centre, named after renowned scientist Sri C V Raman, a Nobel prize winner.

More for the above kind is the Narrow Gauge Rail Museum, which houses some of the most archaic out-of-use locomotives, old steam engines, carriages, and more in store.

Apart from the commercial/regular tourist attractions, there are a number of religious places, including Deeksha Bhoomi, a sacred monument where Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, considered as the architect of the Indian constitution, converted to Buddhism here as his last religious act.

If you have more time, than catch up some water-based sports and activities at Khindsi Lake, about 60 kilometers from Nagpur.

More time at hand, self drive to a distance of 100 kilometers from Nagpur to visit Tadoba Andhari Tiger Project, one of the few places in India where you can spot a tiger.

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Few points which are recommended for all your long journeys.

1. Always carry along a lot of water and snacks, especially if there are elders and kids with you. Why? Because it's not wise to search for water on long journeys when you need it and some travellers advice not to trust roadside water bottles.

2. It's smart to start early in the morning to beat the traffic, and for some when their minds are fresh and the body has full of energy. The night journeys are a big no, specially with kids and elderly.

3. Last but not the least, choose a car that's convenient for all.

SUVs enjoy a following of its own, and is the ideal car if you want peace of mind on your long drives with family or friends. Speaking of long drives, if you want hassle free Fortuner car on rent in Hyderabad, then go nowhere but Long Drive Cars. Enjoy your trip.